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sponsor with the heart charitable investment trust

 You can change someone's life forever by sponsoring their place in a vocational village or by supporting our portfolio ventures. 


our sponsorship opportunities:

sponsor a trainee

Sponsor deserving individuals to stay at our Vocational village where they will learn how to run one of our social franchises

new spekboom nursery.jpg

Sponsor Spekboom trees for your office or a charity to offset your carbon emissions

Sponsor Spekboom

homes with heart

Sponsor a young person to learn how to build micro-houses.  We will teach them how to build quickly using alternative construction methods.

captain wonderplant

Sponsor our hero Captain Wonder Plant to teach Learners about environmental preservation and climate change, and the importance of living in harmony with Mother Earth. By planting Spekboom trees 50cm apart we can create mighty hedges in & around the school premises. Spekboom hedges enhance beauty, security and safety, and most of all - reduce carbon emissions 24/7/365.

Bring your team and friends to build a micro-house at our Vocational Village. This makes a fun team building exercise for everyone, young and old, male and female. Your sponsorship will help us to sustain our operations through income generated by rentals.

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