75 000 children die in South Africa each year of hunger related diseases.


The lack of consistent and affordable access to proper nutrition is a harsh reality for the vast majority of people who live in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Thirteen million households suffer from hunger. There are seven times more food retailers in priviliged areas compared to disadvantaged areas. Poor people currently purchase most of their vegetables from commercial supermarkets, and are therefore subject to escalating food prices and hefty travel costs relative to the small amount of money spent on each shopping trip. Millions of children live on one meal a day, mostly rice, pap and bread. Leafy green vegetables are scarce. Our Government admits our country is facing a serious food crisis.


Ideally, people living at the bottom of the pyramid could grow their own food to consume and sell. Unfortunately, the quality of soil in many disadvantaged areas is not very good and the skill of subsistence farming has been lost over time as a result of rapid urbanization. Limited acces to healthy, nutritious food combined with poverty brings great hunger and suffering on the masses in South Africa. Poor nutrition leads to poor health and malnutrition, which makes people – especially children – vulnerable to fatigue, lethargy, poor concentration, study problems, disease and even death. Community gardens don't produce the enormous quantities of food needed in townships, and large scale projects cannot be found.


Empower poor people to feed themselves sustainably.


To achieve this goal, FoodPods establishes large scale, agricultural hubs in townships that provide poor people with the infrastructure, training and support they need to start and run successful, small scale agri-businesses.  The franchisees earn a sustainable livelihood providing their neighbourhoods with freshly-picked, organic vegetables. The vegetables are grown using innovative, disruptive technologies, and sold directly to community members from mobile sales carts. From seed to customer in weeks, and no middlemen on the supply chain, the franchisees and hub make all the money.   

investment opportunties:

Impact Investors


Acquire and "flip" a franchise license to a second tier investor for a premium in the short term



Use your grant money to purchase a franchise for a school or community project, also acquire and "gift" the franchise license to a deserving operator.  



Sponsor a local creche with leafy green vegetables and support our franchises through NO HUNGRY TUMMIES

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new release:

new micro-hydroponic franchise with revolutionary potential

Foodpods is now offering a micro-hydroponic franchise that produces 1000 vegetable plants in 4 weeks from a 10m x 4m tunnel. This innovative system quadruples a micro growers income potential compared to conventional growing methods. This new franchise is ideal for schools, creches', churches, NGOs and budding agri-entrepreneurs.  First tier investors can acquire franchise licences now. 

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impact per franchise:

  • 1 micro-entrepreneur created

  • Food security for franshisees family

  • 1000 veggies pm

  • R6000 to R12 000 income pm

  • Community access to healthy food

  • Capital retention in community


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key details:

  • Life stage: Capital phase

  • Replicable: Yes

  • Scalable: Yes

  • Financially sustainable: Yes

  • Number of franchises: 14

  • Locations: 2

  • Investment opportunities: Yes

  • Return on investment: Yes

  • Risk: Medium to low

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