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Our new Micro-Hydroponi-Franchise is the outcome of tens years of field work, research and development.  It is designed for our Sustainable Livelihoods program. The hydroponic system is housed in a 10m x 4m micro-industrial tunnel that protects the crops from extreme weather conditions, accelerates growth, reduces water consumption, improves crop quality, minimizes risk of failure, 90% reduction in nutrient expenses and makes it much easier for growers to maintain their crops.


Easy to operate: The nature of our growing method allows for ery low work input. Soild does not need to be maintained and plants do not have to be watered regularly. All nutrient levels and water levels can be easily monitored. We have a 95% growing success.


Customer market: Ideal for NGOs, churches, community projects, schools, creches or home businesses

NAME: Micro-Hydroponic Franchise


PRICE: R65,000


FEATURES: Infrastructure, installation, training, support


IMPACT: 1 entrepreneur. 1000 veggie plants per month


MONTHLY REVENUE: R6000 to R12,000


SET UP TIME: 2 weeks


PROGRAM: Sustainable livelihoods



"A Foodpods Franchise expedites and simplifies

the process of setting up a new business,

enabling inexperienced, unqualified people

to become entrepreneurs"


FoodPods provides people

living in townships with innovative infrastructure, training, and support they need to start and run micro-agri-businesses through a franchise model.. 



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