franchise sales

 You can buy a social franchise to own and operate, or you can buy a franchise for a beneficiary of your choosing, or we can provide one for you.  


Buy a micro-house and earn rental income for life through Horton Heartland. 

Buy Spekboom to reduce your carbon footprint, plant a gorgeous hedge and lift poor people out of poverty.

Through start-up social enterprise in development, Flour Power, we establish home-based bakeries in townships. The innovation lies in providing people living in townships with single phase, industrial ovens that can produce seventy two healthy loaves per day, which they sell to their community. Loaves of bread are sold for R10 each. Franchisees are able to earn a sustainable livelihood, whilst selling health bread to their community. 

Buy a franchise and be your own boss. You can earn a sustainable livelihood and provide your community with life-sustaining products. 

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