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venture phase


Our new micro-house looks set to start a housing revolution. The innovation does not lie in the alternative building method, but rather in its size and price.  Our goal is to produce a house for under $1000.  Most shacks are only about 12sm, which is why we designed our micro-house to these specifications. Our business interest is shack replacement


Easy to operate: Our revolutionary alternative building method makes it quick and easy to learn how to build a house from the foundations to the roof. Building skills are preferable but not essential.


Customer market: Ideal for NGOs, churches, community projects, schools, creches, home businesses and individual families.

NAME: The "Homemakers" Franchise


PRICE: R120,000


FEATURES: Infrastructure, installation, training, support


IMPACT: 1 entrepreneur. 2400 bricks per month. 2 micro-houses per month. 


MONTHLY REVENUE: R30,000 to R50,000


SET UP TIME: 4 weeks


PROGRAM: Sustainable livelihoods



"A Homes with Heart Franchise expedites and simplifies

the process of setting up a new business,

enabling inexperienced, unqualified people

to become entrepreneurs"





Homes with Heart enables unskilled people to build safe and secure,low cost housing using alternative building methods through a franchise model.




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