our legacy

It has been our privilege through our Heart Charitable Investment Trust to dedicate the past fifteen years to making a difference in

South Africa, and beyond, by initiating, activating and incubating hundreds

of non-profit and for-profit ventures that tackle social and environmental problems head on, fearlessly, relentlessly, and with all our heart.

The Great Labyrinth Of Africa

Carbon Reduction / land-art installation


We are building the largest labyrinth in the world made of Spekboom trees to remind humanity to be mindful of its carbon footprint.  90,000 trees will be purchased from Wonder Plant Tree-preneurs.  The labyrinth will be the same size as the Great Pyramid of Giza


Henry Jones Wellness Institute

Natural & Holistic healing 


We established the Henry Jones Wellness Institute to help people heal themselves through our exclusive books, programs, classes, seminars and retreats, and to support them on their healing journey every step of the way.

Chic Shanty Town



We established a residency to accommodate trainees and interns at a vocational village Simondium.  This unique facility was built entirely by grassroots entrepreneurs and locals. It boasts 30 bungalows, a hub, bar, chizinyama, firepit, beach bar, compost toilets and much more.  



intern placement / social enterprise


After two years of careful research, planning and development, we activated Heartland  - a social enterprise providing international interns with a full service internship experience in South Africa, including accommodation, transport, placement, excursions and programming. 


ARC Jumpstart

enterprise development


We were commissioned by the Agricultural Research Council to provide entrepreneurial training to twenty, young agri-science graduates across the country through our Jumpstart Programme.


Media24 / love project


Through Heart, we organised and facilitated several staff community projects for Media24's world renowned WeCan project, which involved the makeover and renovation of underprivileged schools.

heart of kayamandi

social innovation / social enterprise

2014  - 2015

We established a social innovation hub in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch. It is owned and run by Mr Loyiso Mbete who expects to have a profound impact of this township in the years to come by providing life-sustaining products which are produced by members of the community for the community.

wonder plant

carbon reduction / social enterprise


We initiated and activated Wonder Plant - a social enterprise that focuses on carbon sequestration and alleviate poverty. We establsihed two township-based nurseries and propagated 40,000 spekboom trees. Our ultimate goal is to produce one million trees.

flour power

food security / social enterprise

2014  - 2015

We initiated, developed and piloted a community bakery that enables an inividual to bake and sell 72 loaves of bread a day, earning a sustainable livelihood.

sakhulwazi hub

social innovation / social enterprise

2014  - 2015

We established the Sakhulwazi Hub in Philippi, Cape Town. This hub is owned and run by Mama Rosie. She, and her team, produce fresh vegetables for their community, as well as teach sewing and beading to local women.

homes with heart

micro-housing / social enterprise

2014  - 2016

We initiated Homes with Heart in an effort to construct a safe, secure house for under $1000. Our "micro-house" is the ideal shack substitute.  It can be built by people with very little building experience in a matter of days. Homes with Heart is a wholly owned portfolio venture of Heart Capital.

african honey bee

sustainable livelihoods / social enterprise


On behalf of a private investor, we provided incubation and capital raising services to African Honey Bee. This social enterprise now has 3000 bee hives in impoverished communities where it teaches poor people how to get out of poverty by becoming beekeepers in an incubator environment.

dam good fish

sustainable livelihoods / social enterprise


Seeking a cheap, alternative source of protein for poor people, we initiated, developed and piloted a fresh water fish distribution business in townships called Dam Good Fish. 


intern placement / social enterprise


Keen to learn more about the intern business, we opened Proworld South Africa for Proworld International, and ran this branch for two years. We facilitated many service learning trips for international universities and placed interns into local NGOs.


recycling / social enterprise


We provided incubation services to Trashback in the early stages of its development. This social enterprise exchanges rubbish for rewards in poor communities to motivate people to manage their solid waste better. 


food security / social enterprise


We incubated FoodPods as a sustainable, scalable, replicable way for poor people to start and run micro agri-businesses. FoodPods provides infrastructure, training and support to its franchisees. FoodPods a wholly owned portfolio venture of Heart Capital..

see saw do

community upliftment


It was wonderful for us to help Xanele and Jeremy Puren launch the amazing See Saw Do. This social enterprise is unmatched when it comes to the transformation of community based creches.  They have more than fifty creches in their disctinctive portfolio, impacting on thousands of little lives.


environment / social enterprise


Trying to accelerate Misha and Lauren Teasdale is like trying to push a freight train going at one hundred miles an hour. Hang on tight. Since the early days when we provided incubation services to Greenpop, this social enterprise has planted over 40,000 trees, and is regarded by us as the best social enterprise in South Africa. 

ogle media

digital education / social enterprise


We provided incubation and capital raising services to Stanley Edwards of Platypus Productions who developed a kiosk that distributes digital content to learners.

heart capital

impact investing


After a year of careful planning in 2010, we established Heart Capital to facilitate commercially orientated capital investment into our for-profit portfolio ventures. Heart Capital provides specialized investment management services to impact investors.

purple heart 

enterprise development 


We initiated and implemented the Purple Heart program for Cadbury. Street vendors were transformed into micro-franchisees who sold Cadbury chocolates in high human traffic areas, like shopping malls. 10 entrepreneurs were activated and supported for a pilot period of one year. 

power of one

energy preservation / citizen activism


We initiated and implemented the Power of One campaign in response to roaming black-outs that impacted on most South Africans.  With support from major manufacturers and retailers, messaging was inserted into traditional advertising to prompt citizens to reduce their electricity consumption. The campaign grabed media attention and reached millions.

Google umbono hub

social enterprise

2009 - 2014

We activated the Google Umbono hub which accommodated 20 technology start-ups through Google's umbono program.  Selected program participants were provided with development capital and technical assistance.

grow south africa

social network


We initiated and implemented Grow South Africa - a web portal that galvanised the social sector through a news portal. Press offices were sold to leading corporations who distributed news about their transformational activities. 23 CSI websites were built to support this platform, including Media24, Pam Golding Properties, Parmalat.


social enterprise

2009 - 2014

We activated the Hub, which was a co-working space for social entrepreneurs and change-makers. The hub hosted hundreds of social events and workshops and was home to many wonderful people and projects over the years.

change for charity

resource mobilisation


We activated Change For Charity on behalf of a private client. This first-of-its-kind initiative introduced "round-up" to the retail industry in South Africa. Customers are invited to donate their change to charity at the till point. The concept continues to raise millions of rands for worthy causes through most major retailers today.

love to africa

social expedition


We had the great pleasure of helping James Cummings and the rest of the DIFA boys to plan, finance and execute a 9 month road trip from Cape Town to London. This expedition collected critical social and environmental data from multiple stakeholder groups across Africa for our partner, Engen, and pioneered a volunteer route across Africa.

clothing factory for children's home

social enterprise


We established a clothing factory on the premises of the Shawn Kelly home for mentally handicapped children, thereby creating work for the unemployed mothers that was close to their children, and income generating for the project. 


youth development / social enterprise

2008 - 2010

In partnership with Denzil Moses, we initiated Adrenalize to teach life skills to youth from troubled communities. Workshops were centred around shark cage diving, bungee jumping, ferrari racing, abseiling, surfing and other blood-curdling extreme activities.  The program reached many youth from several communities over a few years.

not even once - goes to the street

awareness marketing


We initiated, coordinated and funded the roll out of large scale, graffiti art pieces in schools for our Not Even Once campaign.  This initiative was also instrumental in legitimising the activities of several local street artists who have subsequently become legends in their fields. Thank you Falko, Mak 1 and Faith 47.  This campaign reached many thousands of learners,

drugline call centre 

drug councilling


We helped to establish the Drug Line Call Centre,

which provided 24 hour councilling to addicts and their families. The centre received thousands of calls each year and assisted hundreds of critical cases into rehabs. Thank you to partners, Dell Computers.

big screen commercials for anti-drugs

awareness marketing


We initiated and coordinated the production of commercials promoting drug awareness for television and big screen. The commercials were seen by millions and won several Lourie awards for direction, cinematography and sound. Partners included NuMetro cinemas.

emergency refugee centres



During the first zenophobia attacks, thousands of local people were left homeless. We stepped in to help with bedding, food and supplies.

khayelitsha festival

social eventing / social enterprise


We replicated the famous Soweto Festival in Khayelitsha. The event attracted 120 exhibitors and 20 000 visitors, offering 2 stages, a youth zome, food court and 3 days of scheduled activities, including concerts, workshops, talks and panel discussions. The budget exceeded R3 million.

urban guerilla

community activism / social enterprise

2008 -2010

We initiated and ran Urban Guerilla with Jaco Slabbert,  which conceptualized, planned and executed numerous social activations that grabbed media attention for worthy causes and corporate clients, like Puma.

heart fashion wear

social branding


We launched a range of clothing that promoted social and environmental messaging, and our brands. This line of mechandise raised awareness for our foundation and generated income. 

heart stores 

social enterprise

2007 - 2009

We opened the Heart Store as a way to generate income for our organisation. Local factories donated over-runs and old stock to our foundation, and we liquidated it through our store. The store also sold pro-community upliftement clothing, gear and merchandise. It also raised the profile of our work in a high human traffic mall.

concerts for a cause

resource mobilisation / community action

2007 -2008

We were deeply honoured to have co-founded Concerts with a Cause with our dear friend, the late Clyde Finnlayson. These sold-out, big concerts attracted many thousands of people, generated a lot of money, and created awareness for the projects in our portfolio.  


food security / social enterprise


We developed a ground-breaking shade cloth tent that could be used as a grow tunnel for vegetables in poor communities. Hundreds of tunnels were installed at schools, NGOs, churches and community projects over the years, feeding thousands of people. Foodtents evolved into Foodpods, which continues to provide food security in townships today, only at a much bigger scale.

sport for schools

youth development

2007 - 2008

Believing young people in disadvanataged areas need a constructive way to release their energy, we initiated and executed campaigns to collect and distribute sports equipment and accessories to local schools.

electric chair for Denzil

medical care


Denzil became a quadraplegic as a little boy in a playground accident.  Without human intervention he was immobole until we got him a brand new, chin operated, custom designed, top of the range, electric chair.

play school for abused women's children

early childhood development


After escaping to a place of safety abused women find great comfort knowing that their precious children are also provided for. We created a new play school, classroom and playground with educational content and toys - everything a child hopes to find at play school.

walk this way

FAS & social upliftment


Tackling fetal alcohol syndrome, we initiated the Walk This Way campaign through Wines with Heart to raise awareness of FAS and meet a dire need for school shoes. Thousands of  children were given new shoes and encouraged to walk the right way through life by making the right choices. 

group of hope 

prisoner rehabilitation / social enterprise


Life-time inmates at Brandvlei prison needed help setting up a small factory in the prison to make clothing and blankets for aids orphanages. This pilot spread to 10 prisions impacting on the immates in the program and the community based projects that received their goods 

better quality life for wynand

medical care


Little Wynand needed our intervention to enjoy a better quality life. We funded a team of doctors and wheelchair experts to design equipment that would make him more comfortable.

no drugs through cause marketing

brand activation

2007 - 2008

Seeking sustainable income for the DEA, we initiated and executed a brand activation with Addis to distribute anti-drug messaging on the packaging of all their school products. The national campaign reached tens of thousands of people who responded to competitions and media coverage. The DEA was paid substantial royalty fees which contributed to their drug awareness program in schools.

extreme makeovers for creches & homes

community development

2007 - 2012

We continued our mission to transform community based projects across the Cape Flats. Leveraging relationships with key supporters we were able to impact on lots of different projects over the years. It was always a pleasure to meet and help the inspirational people who drive these projects in townships.

heart at work 

community development/ social enterprise

2007 -2010

With heart legend, Jacques Swart, we activated Heart at Work which planned, coordinated and executed over one hundred projects to uplift and transform NGOs, schools and community projects, impacting on thousands of people in need and their care-givers.

wines with heart

FAS / social enterprise

2007 -2015

Having been deeply affected by a home for mentally handicapped children as a result of FAS, we activated Wines with Heart which traded wine to raise funds for projects supporting mentally handicapped children.  Over ten years countless donations, big and small, impacted on the quality of life of the beneficiaries. We did makeovers, paid care-givers more money, and bought furniture, computers, medical equipment and supplies. 

profiles of africa

arts & culture

2007 - 2009

We met crazy-genius Michel Fassio and discovered the largest private African art collection in the world (over 6000 pieces). .We helped to raise the profile of the collection, secure precious pieces that were lost to the collection, and develop the business plan for an African Art gallery.


youth upliftment


We were thrilled to provide early stage incubation services to Janna Kratsmar and her amazing earthchild project, which still impacts on thousands of children's lives each year by teaching them essential non-curriculum life skills like yoga, mediatation and breathwork.

earthchild clothing company

responsible business


Unifying the relationship between the Earth Child Project and the Earthchild Clothing Company, we were commissioned by the company to bring their "earth-friendly" business ethos alive in stores across South Africa. Together with Johnny and Jared, we set the benchmark for social branding in retail in South Africa. There are more than 30 stores across the country now.


disaster relief


Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief (International) invited us to assist the establishment of a branch in Cape Town from which the organisation could prepare for imminent disasters due to climate change. We established the trust, facilitated connections with Government and private sector, created their work environment and provided other general incubation services.  

2006 -2007

Tapping into our large corporate networks, we initiated and executed campaigns to ensure grassroots projects could bridge the digital divide by using unused, unwanted computers and equipment.  Many start-ups got to their feet from these donations, and went on to deliver great impact.

computers for all

community development


social enterprise incubator

2006 - 2014

We established the first ever social enterprise incubator at the Old Castle Brewery Building in Woodstock. This hub was the heart of the social entrepreneurship movement in South Africa for over a decade. Hundreds of social projects were initiated and implemented from this unique incubator.

son surf

disadvantaged youth / social enterprise

2006 - 2007

Son Surf uses surfing to engage youth from under-resourced communities. We helped with business model design and strategic thinking, as well as activated social projects and awareness raising campaigns. Roy Hurleys's work has reached thousands of children.

2006 - 2016

We activated Heart Consulting and began providing CSI consulting services to major companies. Past clients include Pam Golding Properties, Media24, Parmalat, Cadbury, Union Swiss, Dell Computers, Cell C and Government. Income genertated through these consulting services are paid to our Charitable Investment Trust.

heart consulting

income generation / social enterprise

saving Kyle's hearing

medical care


After contracting congentivitas, little Kyle went deaf. His family were desperate to raise R350,000 for a specialized cochlear implant that would save his healing. We had no choice but to step in and help out. The operation was a success.

good citizen's club


2006 - 2008

We established and ran the Good Citizen's Club, which arranged volunteer days that were responsible for the makeover and upliftment of many NGOs and community based projects over the years. These projects impacted on the lives of hundreds of children and their caregivers.

kids for kids

resource mobilisation

2006 - 2008

We initiated the Kids 4 Kids project which got thousands of priviliged children to raise funds for under-privileged children. Every child in a school paid R20 to paint one sqaure of a thousand squares making up the painting. Paintings were occasionally sold to corporates.  Several schools participated and tens of thousands were raised for good causes. Our primary goal to achieve integration between privileged and under-privileged children was achieved.

care cards

community development


Care Cards was a fund raising campaign we launched to generate income for literacy projects in South Africa. It was based on a pay-it-forward model. People purchased Care Cards and then gave Care badges to three friends, who then purchased a Care Card and gave Care Badges to three friends, and so on.

get set, go africa

resource mobilisation

2006 - 2008

We established and ran the Get Set Go project that collected furniture and equipment from old film sets and distributed them by the truckload to community based projects, earning us lots of hugs and kissed from grateful beneficiaries in the townships.

deaf ballerina hears

medical care


We helped a little champion ballerina hear music for the first time after assisting with a specialized cochlear implant operation. The operation was successful.


social enterprise incubator

2006 - 2014

We established the first ever social enterprise incubator at the Old Castle Brewery Building in Woodstock. This hub was the heart of the social entrepreneurship movement in South Africa for over a decade. Hundreds of social projects were initiated and implemented from this unique incubator.

bread for life

food security


Answering the desperate call for food from community based projects, we frequently dispatched carloads of bread and food to feed starving children and adults. We gained firsthand experience of the harsh realities of food security at the bottom of the pyramid, and began to actively seek sustainable solutions and pilot projects.


baphumulele creche

industrial kitchens


This stove was used 24/7 to cook food for forty hungry children. We took it upon ourselves to build a proper, fully equipped industrial kitchen that could cope with the demand for food. A few years later, we had to build another one to cope with the growth of Baphumulele.

mercy mission

community development


We organised a team of doctors from Beth Israel Hospital (USA) to come to South Africa and provide medical attention to over 5000 children in Danoon and Atlantis, saving hundreds of lives through early HIV detection and treatment. 

drug education agency

resource mobilisation

2005 - 2008

Inspired by the remarkable work of Damian Johnson, we helped to scale up the Drug Education Agency. This required a new brand, website, image, program and sustainbility plan. The DEA impacted on the lives of 25,000 learners each year. We were proud to support the DEA for several years.

aids orphanages

extreme makeovers


Peter and Mandy would seek out small, under-resourced aids orphanages buried in the townships and then transform them in proper places of safety where children could get the support and treatment they needed. They were early stage activists for ARVs and their pioneering work paved the way for the survival of many thousands of children.

saving Liesel's face

medical care


After an electricity pylon exploded, little Liesel nearly lost her face. She needed critical medical care and specialized materials to drastically reduce scarring and save her facial features. She said, "I don't want to be a monster!"  We agreed, and helped her.

income for aids resource centre

HIV prevention


Niki Bradshaw, founder of the Aids Resource Centre, solicited our help to find a way to sustain her organisation by generating income. We enabled her to sell advertising space and put up thousands of HIV help maps in high human traffic areas

new jaw & life for little Chantelle

medical care


Little Chantelle suffers from Pierre Robin syndrome. Her jaw never grew, leaving her disfigured and unable to eat or speak. Instead of letting doctors remove her voice box to install a machine in her throat, we opted to purchase a R150,000 specialized distractor to grow her a new jaw. The operation was successful.

baphumulele children's home

resource mobilisation

2004 -2008

When we first met Mama Rosie she was looking after orphans in a decrepid shack. Today Baphumulele is one of the largest orphanages in South Africa. It was our pleasure to help her through the early years with money, renovations, furniture, equipment, computers, makeovers, greening and food, (And many fun Christmas parties!) 

St Josephs Home

Resource Mobilisation

2004 - 2007

We initiated many projects to uplift and improve St Joseph's Home for Chronic Invalid Children, providing playgrounds, equipment, wheelchairs, computers, skills development centre, furniture, vehicle, makeovers and lots of fun social activations for the kids.

groote schuur hospital


2004 -2006

We spearheaded many transformation and upliftment projects at world renowned Groote Schuur Hospital, which included makeovers of wards and offices, as well as providing vital medical equipment and supplies. We partnered with Nightingales & Associates (United Kingdom) to introduce a way-finding system.

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