Heart Capital seeks retired business executives, high net worth individuals,

venture philanthropists, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens who have an interest

in using their money and spare time to promote innovative business concepts that

bring about social transformation in a sustainable way


mentor with heart

program details:

the benefits:

Heart Capital’s Mentorship Program promises to deliver many personal benefits for Mentors. They will be educated about impact investing, social entrepreneurship, volunteering and specific social issues through panel discussions, lectures, informal discussion groups and e-mail communications. Heart Capital’s Mentors will also enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from hands-on involvement with the social entrepreneurs they serve. One of the greatest benefits of mentoring is the ability for Mentors to network with one another to share ideas and enhance participation.  Heart Capital supports an environment of open communication and will strive to help Mentors make the most of their participation by encouraging and facilitating interaction with social entrepreneurs and one another. This social business seeks to make philanthropy fun and fulfilling.



The key criteria required for inclusion into Heart Capital’s Mentorship Programme is that the mentor must have a proven track record in business and/or entrepreneurship, and be able to commit no less than 2 hours per month to the program for a minimum period of three months. The Mentors require the qualifications and experience to leverage deep expertise, analytical rigor, high level networks, and private sector innovation to assist the social entrepreneurs to optimise service delivery and achieve their goals.  The Mentors are expected to share important personal characteristics and values that will enable the portfolio ventures to accomplish their missions. They must promote sound business practices, good management, high ethics, revenue maximization, strategic thinking, cost cutting and critical path implementation. 


"Mentors can opt to support specific ventures that are aligned to their interests or make a general contribution of time to Heart Capital’s mission."



Our mentors share these core values:


– A strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives



– A willingness to share time, talents, networks and resources with social entrepreneurs and with one another.



– Make grants of financial and/or personal time



– An eagerness to help social enterprises be more effective in pursuing their self-defined missions


Venture Philanthropy:

– Embracing a “venture capital” style of philanthropy that includes: Innovation, Ingenuity, Risk taking, Low overhead, Non-bureaucratic, Verifiable outcomes, Accountability, and Service.

The overarching purpose of this Mentorship Program is to nurture and scale up talented social entrepreneurs and ensure their long term success. Through Heart Capital, Mentors are able to provide emerging high growth, high impact social enterprises with the vital support they need to build their businesses. By developing social enterprises that represent financially viable models for social and environmental development, the Mentors can play a key role in establishing market-driven solutions for South Africa's most pressing problems.



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