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Seeking to serve humanity, Heart Capital’s founders, Peter and Mandy Shrimpton, entered the social sector in South Africa in January 2003. Having left his successful career in the stock market, Peter volunteered his services to a variety of NGOs for two years. During this time, he experienced the hardship and suffering of people who live at the bottom of the pyramid. Finding himself fund raising continually for cash-strapped community-based projects, campaigns and causes, he realized that giving money away to charity did not create sustainable solutions. He noted a dire need for market-based solutions to the myriad of escalating social and environmental challenges facing local disadvantaged communities. In response he developed an idea to build social businesses, instead of grant dependent charitable organisations, and began creating venture capital models for the social sector. Working side-by-side, Peter and Mandy were amongst the early pioneers of social enterprise in South Africa. Their first major accomplishment was establishing a Social Enterprise Incubator in Woodstock, Cape Town, in December 2004. It was the heart of the social entrepreneur movement in South Africa. Heart created market-based solutions to address the critical problems they encountered at the grassroots level. They generated income to sustain their activities by providing consulting services to leading corporations seeking to invest into this emerging market and through the income generated by their portfolio of social enterprises. To expand their operations, they began to provide emerging social entrepreneurs with access to infrastructure, advisory services and capital. Through many years of ground-breaking incubation work, they developed a unique methodology to accelerate the growth, impact and success of social enterprises through seed, venture and capital phase of development. The skills they acquired in stock broking, asset management and venture capital, combined with investor relations and corporate communications, provide them with a unique approach to the social sector and social capital markets. Over the years, they have worked alongside many wonderful people who share their deep love for South Africa and passion for social enterprise.  


In the first decade of his working career, Peter Shrimpton started and exited several businesses. After obtaining an International Capital Markets Qualification from the Securities Institute of London, he established a career on the stock market. Peter ran his own successful asset management company for  almost a decade and was very active in the venture capital and corporate finance arenas. After overcoming a life threatening illness in 2002, he dedicated his life to serving humanity and focused his efforts on mobilizing social entrepreneurship in South Africa. His passion is social enterprise. He founded several social enterprises, including Heart Capital, which currently owns and manages a portfolio of social enterprises that address a wide range of social and environmental problems. He was awarded the emerging Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award by SASE (Southern African Social Entrepreneurs) in partnership with the Gordan Institute of Business Science and Ashoka. In the future, he aims to continue scaling up Heart Capital’s portfolio ventures and replicating his unique brand of Social Innovation Hubs in townships through South Africa, and beyond.


Previously the Managing Director for PR Newswire South Africa, Mandy Shrimpton teamed up with husband Peter Shrimpton to establish Heart Capital. With extensive corporate communications and investor relations experience, Mandy is responsible for managing stakeholder relations at Heart Capital.



"Peter and Mandy's legacy of goodwill is unmatched by most South Africans. They don't just invest money, they invest all of their work energy and time too."


Mr Eddie Daniels - activist

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