“Our name, heart capital, says a lot about us. It embodies our consciousness, compassion and devotion to transform quality of life for the better. We’re about tapping into the bigness and openness of our heart, and hearts around the world. By combining our humanitarian mindset with our enterprising approach, we set ourselves apart by being business-like in a sector that usually isn’t. We are resourceful and resilient in every aspect of our mission because we know first-hand just how tough it is out there. We constantly push the boundaries with bold creativity, to find better ways of doing things. Innovation and ingenuity come easily to us, because we are determined to achieve our goals and we will never, never, never give up. No matter what challenges we face, we have fun because we love what we do. But at the end of the day… it’s about hard work, on the ground, making a real, tangible difference, where it matters most.

our mission:

We aim to create high impact, high growth social enterprises that address critical social and environmental problems in a way that is scalable, replicable and financially sustainable.

our vision:

We can change the world by using capital for good combined with the power

of social entrepreneurship.

Peter and Mandy Shrimpton have been devoted to making a difference in South Africa through their philanthropic activities for over two decades.

our founders:

our values:

Humanitarian:  Together, we are the change we seek in the world.


Business-Like: We're business-like in a sector that usually isn't because we believe it is the way to sustain transformation.


Creative: We love challenging the norm to find better, more resourceful ways of doing things.


Energetic: We love what we do, so hard work and resilience come naturally.


Self-Aware: We believe in the strength and potential of our business model, but we are aware of the challenges we face. Hence, we constantly monitor and evaluate our progress, and maintain our ability to adapt to the world around us.



Changing lives, changing organisations, changing the world.

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