Get involved.

With Wonder Plant it's easy.

Purchasing one of our delightful trees isn't the only way to take a stand against climate change. Sponsor a spekboom to be planted in your name or organize a planting day with your friends or organization.

Sponsor a spekboom


Don't have the space in your house or garden for your own tree? No problem. We'd be happy to plant one in your name. For R50, a member of our team will find a beautiful little seedling in need of a home and plant it on one of our township growing sites or partner schools. Your sponsorship will further reduce carbon in the atmosphere, provide work to our growers, support our mission, and make the world a greener place. All without even getting your hands dirty.


per tree



Organize a planting day


Sometimes getting involved means getting down and dirty. Organize a planting day with us to get the full Wonder Plant experience. For a discounted price, you or your company can purchase seedlings, meet us at either one of our growing sites or a local school, and plant them as a team. Feel the dirt beaneath your fingers and experience the power of your involvement firsthand.



per person



Spread the word


Climate change is a global concern and poverty is present just about anywhere. Don't forget to spread the word about carbon emissions, social enterprise, Wonder Plant, and the power of environmental awareness. Need some inspiration? Check us out on Facebook or take a read of our wonderful blog. 


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