wonderplant franchise


venture phase


Wonder Plant seeks to establish micro-tree growers

who will propagate and grow Speboom trees in townships to meet the company's market demand. Franchisees sign exclusive off-take agreements with Wonder Plant, and are not expected to generate their own sales.


Easy to operate: Spekboom is very easy to grow. It flourishes naturally in the desert and only needs 25ml of water per year to survive. 


Customer market: Franchisees are ideally mothers or grandmothers who would like to work mornings only to support their families..

NAME: Wonder Plant Impact Allotment


PRICE: R45,000


FEATURES: Infrastructure, installation, training, support


IMPACT: 1000 hours of employent, 1 entrepreneur, 

10,000 spekboom seedlings. 85,000 kg carbon sequested




SET UP TIME: 4 weeks


PROGRAM: Sustainable livelihoods


"A Wonder Plant Franchise expedites and simplifies

the process of setting up a new business,

enabling inexperienced, unqualified people

to become entrepreneurs"

Wonder Plant

tackles poverty alleviation

and carbon reduction

by establishing Spekboom

tree nurseries in townships

through a franchise model.



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